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Cotton Yarn

Cotton got its fame for its slender and delicate texture which makes it highly well-to-do fabrics for attire. The cotton characteristics is spun into yarn to attain textile by weaving or sewing procedure. The cotton yarn undergoes processing and examination to make sure that it adheres to the dictate quality standards of the diligence.

Cotton yarn has stood the tryout of time and continues to be popular among masses as the most favored fabric, thanks to its virtues such as humidity absorber, no static quality and comfy feel. We propose Cotton Yarn in a wide-ranging amount and sizes and likewise as per the customized requests from the clients.

Range of Our Product

Counts: 16s to 40s Ne Carded / Combed /Compact For- Knitting / Weaving / Embroidery Combed Eli Twist - 2/40s , 2/36s , 2/30s Slub – 16s to 32s Normal or Compact TFO doubled – 2/20s to 2/40s

Package: Normal paper tube or plastic dye tube
Packing: Carton / Pallet

Cotton Fabric

There are assorted types of crumpled & weaving fabrics and each type has unlike show and characteristics. The twist of a knitted & weaving cloth depends upon the case being constructed.

Range of Our Product

  1. Cotton Gray Knitted fabrics
  2. Cotton Gray Weaving fabrics
  3. Cotton dyed Weaving fabrics
  4. Cotton dyed Weaving fabrics

Quality and parameter as per customer requirement

Raw Cotton

India earned the reward of growing all kinds of cotton, i.e. from light staple 20mm & infra, average staple (20.5 to 24.5mm), medium long (25.0 to 27.0), long (27.5 to 32.0mm) and extra-long staple cottons (32.5mm and above). Great number of varieties and hybrids were acquired by India, exceeding the cultivation to seventy - five. Nevertheless, 98 per cent of the yield is contributed by almost 25 varieties. In India, the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and likewise Madhya Pradesh exist in leading cotton producing states. Predominantly tropical wet and dry climate is the highlight of the states.


There are various types of garments and each type has different appearance and characteristics. The construction of a Garment depends upon the type being constructed.

Range of Our Product

Sports Wear, Casual Wear, Night wear, Fashion Wear Quality and parameter as per customer requirement.

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