About Us

WhiteCott Fabrics

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We aim to cater the best with a sense of accountability and zero margin for compromise on timber, exclusively being environment friendly to the society.

Competitive design development as per trend research, forecast and analysis.
Constantly evolving with fabric research and development for better production.
Creating cost-effective and quality options for yarn, fabrics and textures.

Our Yarn & Fabric teams are constantly working on innovation in terms of special finishes.

About us

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WhiteCott Fabrics is a rising organization aiming to be one of the finest chief exporters of Raw Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Comber Noil, Fabrics and Garments, representing India. We conceive in delivering products that summate to the value, thus establishing a farsighted and sustainable professional relationship with our buyers. Featuring supplies from authentic manufacturers of cotton industry from India.

Our brand gives a definition of who we are and what we represent. Our aim is to serve you finest quality products, fulfilling your requirements. Clearing all doubts, we certainly would be a perfect choice for your cotton yarn purchase, covering a wider mart for shipment from India.

Our Mission & Vision

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We are here to garner our client's beliefs and fidelity, dedicating ourselves towards them and the community. To be alike with dependability, reactivity, caliber and efficient after-sales service. Quality is not only a need, but a habit of WhiteCott Fabrics.

We believe in upgrading ourselves with time yet reminding one to keep in touch with the traditions. Pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time, in addition with modernistic views. To bid customized & advanced solutions with a hint of enterprise importance.

Why Us?

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WhiteCott Fabrics is challenged to immensely commute the foundation of Raw Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Comber Noil, Fabrics and Garments purchasing in the World. Sharing with you the most exquisite proposal that no early Yarn exporter can. The Business Model we maneuver on gives us exemption to master the whole supply range and guarantee our customers best quality cotton yarn supply to you at the fairest rates.

We make buying quite easy for you, with our potential to infer import procedures of most countries.

The web we sustain on the outer world which is situated to serve you in events of any problems in importation.

Our plethora of products allows us to meet your requirements satisfactorily. With so many twirling units in our group, we can cater to huge quantities without any fuss.